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Successful tablet technology event

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Our tablet and technology event, run in partnership with John Henry Newman Catholic College in Birmingham in October, proved a tremendous success. With a healthy mix of senior management and head teachers from both primary and secondary schools, the event focussed principally on developing an effective technology strategy.

It became clear very quickly that the majority of schools required support with strategy development and implementation. Much discussion was based around how valuable tablet technology is, if utilised to its full potential.

The senior team at Trilby were able to use successful case study examples to demonstrate how schools could develop a clear technology strategy with key milestones. The benefits of sharing success across the whole school, amongst students and teachers, as well as measuring and evaluating the impact of the strategy were also high on the agenda.

“Most people left with renewed vigour and appetite”

“All very interesting and exciting”

“I found you and your teams presentations exceptional”

Comments such as these demonstrate just how valuable delegates found the event. Trilby plan to host further inspirational and development events over the coming 12 months, with some real hands-on sessions to establish schools’ requirements and deliver powerful plans that can achieve real impact.

The Trilby team believe it is critical for teachers to share the challenges they face as well as their achievements, to enable other schools to adopt similar strategies or avoid potential pitfalls. Sharing success is also vital within a school and one tool which easily enables this is TrilbyTV, a simple to use video sharing app. Following on from the event, several schools are now using TrilbyTV in their schools to share and showcase their students work and encourage student engagement.

We encourage any school that is looking to introduce tablet technology for the first time or is looking to expand its use of tablets, to attend future Trilby events.
We will lead you on a journey to make a valuable difference to your school by delivering a tailored training strategy to empower teachers to fully appreciate the technology you have invested in, and utilise it to motivate and inspire all your students.

Introducing Snappt

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At Trilby, we work hard to ensure that schools get the best use out of technology. During any tablet rollout we need to show that the investment is having a positive effect on students and teachers.

Today we are pleased to announce our latest app, Snappt  – Giving you a snapshot of your school.
Snappt is a fun feedback tool designed for use by learners, teachers and parents, to get a snapshot of your school based on some key metrics. You’re prompted to answer five short questions, designed to gauge your enjoyment, creativity and other indicators during your day at school. That data is fed back into our systems to produce charts and graphs that can help you track success over time.

Snappt - CollaborationTeachers can create their own account on the Snappt website. Doing so, gives them a unique code that their students and parents can use to allow the teacher to gather and view results from just their students. You can also create groups for your classes or sets to allow you to drill down into individual groups.

Snappt Web Interface

And best of all, Snappt is free to use! So download it now from the App Store


Event 20th October 2014 – Thinking about tablet technology in your school?

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Trilby Logo
img holding iPad
Thinking about tablet technology in your school?
Join us to see how to successfully implement tablet technologies in your school and improve student learning through sharing and showcasing.
Monday 20th October 2014 11am – 1.30pm
JHNCC logo At and in partnership with,
John Henry Newman Catholic College,
B37 5GA
This event is aimed at Senior Leadership Teams, ICT co-ordinators and anyone interested in finding out more about technology transformation and how to celebrate success.
The day is organised by Trilby, who have over 20 years experience working in partnership with education developing software tools and delivering training that improve learning outcomes.
RSVP by Monday 13th October to
Please mention any dietary requirements.
11.00 Introduction and Keynote address
11.30 Workshops
Technology Transformation
  • What are the buzz words being used and what do they mean?
  • Explore how a tablet rollout can happen in your school.
  • What does a successful scheme look like?
  • What are the nuts and bolts that need to be in place before and during deployment?
Sharing and Showcasing
  • Sharing video in your school made easy with TrilbyTV.- See how our video sharing product can increase student participation and engagement.
Measuring Success
  • How can engagement be assessed?- Preview our new app Snappt that helps gauge student, staff and parent engagement.
12.30 Lunch and networking
  • A chance to talk to the Trilby team and our supporting partners, SciChem and Vibe.
1.30 Close

Trilby’s infectious enthusiasm leads to support of Royal Hospital School at The Suffolk Show

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It started with a training session focused on iPad usage in schools and led to the attendance of The Suffolk Show and the installation of TrilbyTV! That’s the effect Trilby have on the schools they work with. Their enthusiasm, passion and commitment to technology in education are truly infectious.

Neil Emery, Director at Trilby, initially delivered a two-day training session on the use of iPads at the Royal Hospital School (RHS) in Suffolk. The training was so well received that the head of marketing at RHS, Sophie Braybrooke asked if Trilby would like to support them at The Suffolk Show. Despite the fact this wasn’t a specific educational/technology event, and was a more a traditional county show, the Trilby team decided it was important to support a well known and respected school like RHS, who have embraced technology to help keep them at the cutting edge of education delivery.

The Trilby team were very well received by students, prospective students, teachers and parents, who were all very keen to be involved in their filming activity. Teachers and parents were also very enthusiastic about the forthcoming iPad implementation at the RHS and were very impressed with the idea of showcasing work and creating their own TV brand.

Hardeep Mahal, Associate Trainer at Trilby commented, “We were showcasing TrilbyTV and demonstrating how it has helped reaffirm the RHS as a forward thinking school. Students got involved and filmed over 25 fun facts tracing the history of the RHS against our mock-up green screen studio! We were on hand to answer questions from teachers and students and show how easy it is to showcase and celebrate work. Parents who were initially apprehensive about iPads being introduced into their school, soon changed their minds when they saw their children up on the television screen sharing historical facts!”

Neil Emery concluded, “We are extremely passionate in supporting all of our customers and helping them to achieve real success when embedding new technologies into the curriculum. It’s great that we are able to convince even the most reluctant parents that within the right educational context, technology can be an extremely powerful tool in the hands of the learner. The RHS is an excellent beacon of how successfully technology can be integrated into the curriculum to enhance the whole learning process. We know the RHS will use TrilbyTV to its full potential to help motivate students by showcasing their work on a daily basis.

Trilby success at Lithuanian education conference

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Neil Emery, a Distinguished Apple Educator and Director at Trilby recently delivered a keynote speech at a major conference in Vilnius, Lithuania on behalf of Apple Value Added Reseller, AVAD. Many government officials, teachers and head teachers attended the conference. The conference focussed on current education trends and Neil was asked to share his vast experience of the UK education market and use of mobile technology in the classroom.


Neil explained the changing culture of the classroom and how every student having their own mobile device has created a whole new opportunity of learning. Each device is like an individual blackboard which teachers can utilise to engage with their students and share information.

During his keynote speech, Neil demonstrated a great deal of empathy towards the teaching staff who would be adopting these new ways of teaching. He showed he understood that the buy-in and learning process could take some time, but that it was equally important for schools to embrace technology as soon as possible. This way they would ensure they did not lose the interest of their students, many of whom are already technically astute

Neil also answered numerous questions about mobile technology put to him by the Lithuanian press, which have since been publicised on various websites across the country.

Sigitas Liaucius, Education Business Development Manager for Apple Value Added Reseller AVAD, who asked Neil to speak at the conference, commented

“We started to work with Neil a couple years ago and were delighted to invite him as a keynote speaker to our conference. His huge experience of working with various schools around the world makes him so passionate and knowledgeable. Training sessions and workshops are always great fun with Neil. The teachers just love him. Neil is like a breath of fresh air for Baltic education.”

As Neil was so well received at this conference, he’s been asked to speak at another event in Estonia in August, and is also delivering training to Tartu Erakool School in Estonia at the beginning of June.

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