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Welcome Alena and Julia

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A warm Trilby welcome to Alena and Julia, who have joined us on two different exchange internship programmes to work closely with our team across the business.

Alena will be collaborating with our designer Charlie, who himself has been on an exchange programme to Germany when he first started working at Trilby. Alena will be working on various projects within the design team.

Julia will be working closely with Kasra in our marketing and administration team. She will be contributing to a variety of activities across both departments.

With the great success of previous exchange internship programmes we hope that Alena and Julia will have a fantastic experience with us.


Hi, I’m Alena,

I come from Czech Republic, where I am currently studying Interactive Graphics at the College of Vaclav Hollar in Prague. My studies consist of animation, graphic design, programming and 3D modelling.

Thanks to the internship project I got a chance to spend four weeks in Birmingham working for Trilby as a part of the design team. I am really looking forward to gaining new experiences from my stay with Trilby as I have never worked in a team before. I am excited to contribute to the company with all I can offer, get used to people around me and of course to communicate in English which is not my mother tongue.

Hello, I’m Julia,

I’m from Lohr, a small town in south-West Germany and I’m taking part in a four week internship.
I work as an industrial clerk apprentice at Bosch Rexroth which lasts three years and I’m currently in my second year. After I have completed the apprenticeship I want to Study economics at university.

During my time in Birmingham I’m staying with a nice family and working at Trilby for three weeks. Through this I want to improve my English language skills and get to know more about another culture. I’m really happy to have the opportunity to gain experience in another company abroad.

UK Schools Collaborate with Pupils in the Amazon

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Renowned education specialist, Neil Emery’s third visit to the Amazon Rainforest resulted in the delivery of yet another successful project, this time focussing on river pollution. Utilising a range of innovative technology solutions to engage with pupils, Neil collaborated with three schools in the UK and one in the Amazonian Rainforest to deliver this project.

Neil commented, “Pupils selected to take part in the project were incredibly enthusiastic and couldn’t wait to get on with their river tests. The thought of being involved in a “real” project where they could share their results publicly proved very motivating. Their excitement was really inspiring.”

The pupils were challenged with using a special water quality kit, supplied by Pasco Scientific to measure the levels of PH, oxygen, conductivity and temperature in their local rivers. They were instructed to take readings at three different positions and look for parts of the river that could be affected by pollution.

Neil had set up an iBook template with the headings “What is river pollution?” “What causes river pollution?’ “What are the effects of River Pollution?” and ‘What action can be taken to prevent it?” which the pupils used to enable them to concisely produce their research and findings. Participating pupils were asked to add content to each chapter, documenting their research, findings, data and conclusions. They were also actively encouraged to use a variety of media to demonstrate their finding such as text, images, audio and video. They were then presented with yet another challenging task to create a marketing campaign that they could put into action to help create sales for their finished publication.

Dan Oakes, Head Teacher of one of the UK schools, Malmesbury C of E Primary School, commented, “It is our aspiration that the children in our school are provided with every opportunity to enable them to reach their true potential and be fully prepared for the future that lies ahead of them. The Amazon project was a unique platform for our children to use technology to make a real life connection with a significantly and culturally different community. We were absolutely delighted to participate in this inspirational project and were thrilled by the way our pupils embraced the challenge of investigating and concluding on local issues that in turn will help make a difference to the children in the Amazon.”

The Amazonian school from the Añangu community had been involved with Neil’s Amazon project in 2013 and the pupils were delighted to be involved again. Having engaged with pupils from UK schools and experienced the different culture and approach, they were well prepared to take on this new challenge.

The Amazonian pupils used a range of digital technology devices to deliver their findings. Neil’s extensive skills as an educational trainer were fully exploited as he spent his first day in the community providing iPad training to nine teachers. These skills were then put into action and pupils were engaged in scripting, filming and editing. Those who had experience of the equipment from the year before were confident and creative in filming and producing video content to demonstrate their findings.

Elm Park Primary School in London had taken part in the previous Amazon project so were thrilled to be on board again. Equipped with a wide range of Apple technology, they were looking for creative ways to use these tools to connect with the world. They are now looking to build the work undertaken by their pupils into their curriculum and help research sustainability and their responses to it in a meaningful way.


Neil contacted the UK schools via Skype whilst he was in the Amazon and the children from each of the schools were able to communicate, share and discuss their findings and challenges. This proved fascinating with humorous exchanges between the children as well as a genuine interest in how others had approached the whole project.

All content, videos and images from the project were collated by Neil to enable him to put the publication together in preparation for the children to market it.

Another UK school involved in the project were South Moulton Community College from north Devon. Their year seven pupils began their school career with a trip to Exmoor to investigate the water quality of their local river, and they are now looking forward to using the data they have collected to support their work with Neil and connecting with learners from the Ecuador rain forest.
Pasco Scientific who provided the equipment used by the pupils, and SciChem, who aim to inspire the scientists of the future, sponsored the project. In their view “this project was truly inspirational for budding scientists.”

Neil concluded, “I feel so passionate about technology being utilised to inspire learning, and this project proved just how successful it can be. It spans several areas of the curriculum such as science, geography, ICT and creative skills, not to mention the life skills it provided for many pupils. It demonstrates what really can be achieved when the technology that many schools have invested in fully integrated into all areas of teaching and used to its full potential. By engaging with pupils and bringing a subject to life through technology the results can be genuinely inspirational.”

The schools are currently working on their projects for inclusion in the book, which will be published in the summer.

This years project was supported by our sponsors, and the generous donations made through our WeFund campaign.

For more information, have a look at our dedicated Amazon website:

Apple specialist recruited to drive sales at Trilby

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Darrell Raynard, a highly skilled Apple Specialist, has joined the Trilby team to help develop a sales strategy and drive Trilby’s latest products such as TrilbyTV, Supporting Teachers and Trilby Bookclub into schools and businesses across the UK.

Having worked alongside the Trilby team for the past six years in his role at an Apple Reseller, Darrell has observed the passion and drive the team continually demonstrate whilst delivering education solutions to schools.

Darrell commented, “I’ve watched the Trilby team with great respect and admiration for several years, and to now be a significant part of that inspirational team is really exciting.”

One key responsibility for Darrell will be to engage with schools and businesses, to demonstrate the value of Trilby’s innovative products and services. Darrell will be putting in place robust systems and processes to support customers throughout their journey with Trilby. He’ll take the lead on producing sales strategies for each product as well as developing the partnerships that Trilby has with a number of expert resellers.

Ben Stanley, Director at Trilby concluded, “We’re delighted to have Darrell on board, he comes with a wealth of experience that complement the skills we already have within the Trilby team. He’s extremely committed and professional and a real team player. We believe he will be a great asset to Trilby.”

Trilby Partner with 9ine Consultancy at BETT 2015

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Trilby Partner with 9ine at Bett 2015 to host ‘Nothing Like a Free Lunch’
TrilbyTV Logo
Trilby Partner with 9ine at BETT 2015
Trilby partner with 9ine
Bett is only 2 weeks away and we would like to see you there!
Trilby have partnered with 9ine Consulting this year who will be hosting their “Nothing Like a Free Lunch” in the Aloft Hotel, the only hotel directly connected to the ExCel International Convention Centre.
Take time out from the main event to relax, recharge and join other school leaders to network and discuss the main themes at BETT 2015.
Lunch will be available every day between 11.30am and 2.30pm. Register here if you want to come and chat to us!
Trilby are leading curriculum technology specialists who work with schools enabling them to make effective use of technology to improve learning outcomes.
We have developed several software products which support educational institutions in enhancing the use of mobile devices in the classroom environment and we’d love to showcase those to you.
Trilby Logo
TrilbyTV, launched in spring 2014, is a simple to use video sharing app and online service which lets you share video projects created on mobile or desktop devices with others. It gives more purpose to video productions and celebrates successful work using existing school infrastructure, including display screens in shared areas.
Trilby Logo
The Supporting Teachers app is a simple customisable support mechanism that has been developed specifically to support education staff during the initial and crucial early stages of any technology roll out.
Personalised and branded with your organisations logo and name, it encourages staff to explore new ideas for teaching and learning.
To book your place please go to:
We look forward to seeing you there!
The Trilby Team
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Trilby’s Amazon Rainforest Project December

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It all started with Neil’s friend Annie jumping out of an airplane in 2011. She won an amazing trip to the Ecuadorian Amazon Rain Forest and asked Neil to join her. During that time they worked with a tribe called the Waorani delivering technology workshops to pupils at their local community school. This trip saw them work with Waorani students creating video projects to bring awareness around who they are, how they live and the importance of where they live – right on top of one of Ecuador’s biggest oil deposits. Because of where they live, they have been under threat from the oil companies since the mid 1980’s.

After the success of the 2011 project Neil returned to the Ecuadorian Amazon Rain Forest to deliver a three week project. In December 2013, he travelled back to deliver three separate projects with pupils from three schools located in three different communities over three weeks. He returned to work with the Woarani tribe as well as the Napo and Sani communities of the Kichwa tribe.


The main focus this time was to deliver curriculum content and materials to our Amazonian pupils that will give them involved knowledge, lifelong skills and confidence, increasing their capability to identify, plan and participate in and to build technology based projects.

Neil partnered up with schools here in the UK and arranged Skype calls with them from the Rain Forest. This meant that the curriculum was brought to live by having a direct link and the possibility to communicate with tribes directly!

Now, in December 2014, Neil is back to deliver yet another project: he is working with young people from the Anangu community. This year the project focus is on river pollution.
We have had some amazing backers of the project who helped greatly to get it off the ground. Thank you so much for your contributions!

If you would like to follow Neil on his adventures and keep up to date, please read our blog or follow him on Twitter.

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