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TrilbyTV is Looking Fresh!

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It’s the start of the new school year and just like many students we’ve got a brand new uniform! We have decided to spruce up the look and feel of TrilbyTV, whilst keeping it as easy and intuitive to use as ever. We’ve also added the ability to create playlists, which has been a much sought after feature.


We now have a great fresh looking app! Both the Uploading and Player apps have been refreshed and look brighter and lighter to appeal to more students, whilst still keeping you in control.

Introducing Playlists

A big request from you has been Playlists and now in TrilbyTV they are here! With Playlists you have the ability to organise videos to play back in any order you like allowing you even more choice of what plays where and when.

We’ve made sure this is as easy to use as the rest of the app.

  • You can drag and drop the videos of your choice into any order you wish
  • Name and create the playlist as you see fit
  • Select the desired playlist in the Player app to share and celebrate with the rest of the school


We would like to thank all our users for the amazing feedback following our previous updates on Public Sharing options. The Public Sharing function has become a big success and has allowed users to celebrate their work with the ability to now reach a global audience!

We’d love to hear how you like the new design, and new features. Why not drop us an email and let us know. We also love seeing your work, so why not send us your public links, and we may feature you in our next update. Or if you’re on Twitter, use #mytrilbytv so we can find your links and follow @trilbytv.


Trilby’s Support of Portsmouth College’s Student Introduction Days

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Screen Shot 2015-07-08 at 10.00.22

Portsmouth College

Last year Trilby supported Portsmouth College with their student intake day, to help prospective students get excited about the implementation of devices in the college for the next academic year. Using iPads, we filmed current students and prospective students in front of a green screen to give us some interesting facts about Portsmouth and the College itself. Our aim was to show both students and teachers just how easy it was to create engaging content with simple work flows to achieve high quality outcomes. We uploaded and shared these interviews across the school and took over all digital signage around the school using our video sharing app, TrilbyTV.

This went down with great success and as a result we were invited to do the same this year, for two introduction days at the end of June. We involved students, teachers and prospective pupils to have fun with iPads, creating video interviews using green screen. With their iPads being fully implemented and used for the first time in this academic year, we wanted to get a feel for how their devices have impacted on both teachers and pupils. We then share these experiences with the other students attending the introduction days, by displaying them across the school on their screens and in the main hall. We quizzed Portsmouth College’s ‘Digital Student Champions’ on what they have gained by having access to the devices and how it may have differed without the available technology. We also asked the ‘Digital Teacher Champions’ questions about its affect within their classroom and teaching methods. Both groups gave very informative answers and great ideas as to how students will find the impact of tablet technology within their learning environments. We also used VidRhythm, a really fun music creation app, which allows sounds created by the users to be transformed into a fun and colourful music videos, to get the prospective students more comfortable with the technology, they will be using when they join in September.

The students and teachers were delighted with their videos and amazed at how quickly they could be shared to the big screen in the main hall, many taking pictures of their newfound stardom.

Both introduction days were very successful and Portsmouth College were thrilled with the participation of Trilby to help create an engaging and fun experience and could see the value of having student driven videos celebrated on their wonderful displays around the school.

To find out more about how TrilbyTV can help celebrate student work, visit for more information.

Google for Education Roadshows

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Trilby partnering with Google for the ‘Google for Education Roadshow’

Google are running a ‘Google for Education UK Roadshow’ at several locations across the UK, starting in London on 27th April and working their way north during May.

For several months, Trilby have worked alongside Google to create the course content and are delivering the ‘Transformational Planning Workshops’ to schools across the United Kingdom. Due to its success Google have included it as part of the Roadshow, to help reach out to schools in order to receive this extremely beneficial workshop.

The Google for Education Roadshow is a unique series of events giving a behind-the-scenes look at how schools around the country are transforming their approach to teaching and learning. They will be taking a Google for Education pop-up classroom to visit innovative schools in London, Newport, Birmingham, Leeds, Newcastle and Wigan. Reference schools will be sharing their experiences of creating digital classrooms and offering advice on how Google tools can be used to engage students and staff and deliver improved learning outcomes. The second day of the events involve Trilbys’ delivery of Google’s “Transformational Planning Workshops” to Senior Leadership for schools invested in their technologies.

Google for Edu UK Roadshow

Google for Education pop-up classroom


As highly experienced trainers, the Tilby team delivers these workshop sessions on behalf of Google. The “Transformational Planning Workshops” are planning and strategy sessions, and the team at Trilby collaborates with the senior leadership teams at each school to develop bespoke strategies for successfully implementing Google technology in their school.

The workshops will hugely benefit participating schools by providing them with a greater understanding of the uses of technology in teaching. They will also demonstrate how different areas of the curriculum can utilise technology to motivate and inspire their students and improve their learning outcomes.

Ben Stanley, Director at Trilby commented, “We’re incredibly excited about delivering the Transformational Planning Workshops as we know the impact they will make on the learning environment. Being recognised for our skills, expertise and passion for technology is very rewarding for the entire Trilby team”.

Welcome to our BBC Make It Digital Trainee, Inam Kayani.

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A warm welcome to Inam, who will be part of the Trilby team for the next two weeks. Inam is a young, enthusiastic digital trainee who has joined us via the ‘BBC Make it Digital Programme’. With the help of Creative Alliance to match his skills with our company ethos and goals, we hope to give him valuable skills within a business environment as well as getting some great new ideas for how we can drive a successful digital marketing campaign. Here are a few words from Inam on the BBC Make it Digital Programme and himself.


Inam Kayani

My name is Inam Kayani and I am a 21 year old, from Birmingham. After deciding to leaving college I have been looking to use my passion for creativity and digital skills to create a career for myself. I found out about the BBC Digital Traineeship scheme through my search for employment and having read about the programme, decided it would really help me gain further skills and open up new opportunities.

The BBC Make It Digital Traineeship programme has been launched nationwide, Birmingham has been chosen as the pilot city for this scheme, working along side Creative Alliance and TDM. It is a nine week traineeship which teaches basic digital skills, such as how to use social media platforms within a professional environment. Giving trainees new skills for creating and editing websites, videos and includes a two-week structured work placement with a company, where the newly learnt skills and knowledge can be applied in real working environment.

The Creative Alliance team recommended I join Trilby Multimedia after they assessed me through out the first weeks of the programme, they thought my personality and passion for IT and digital media would fit in really well with Trilby. Having a good knowledge of IT, I have always been interested in working in any Tech and IT related organisation and Trilby definitely fits into that criteria.

My main goals are to learn new skills which can be picked up only when putting yourself in real working environment and how things run behind the scene, opening up new opportunities and learning new skills in the world of digital marketing.624

Welcome Alena and Julia

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A warm Trilby welcome to Alena and Julia, who have joined us on two different exchange internship programmes to work closely with our team across the business.

Alena will be collaborating with our designer Charlie, who himself has been on an exchange programme to Germany when he first started working at Trilby. Alena will be working on various projects within the design team.

Julia will be working closely with Kasra in our marketing and administration team. She will be contributing to a variety of activities across both departments.

With the great success of previous exchange internship programmes we hope that Alena and Julia will have a fantastic experience with us.


Hi, I’m Alena,

I come from Czech Republic, where I am currently studying Interactive Graphics at the College of Vaclav Hollar in Prague. My studies consist of animation, graphic design, programming and 3D modelling.

Thanks to the internship project I got a chance to spend four weeks in Birmingham working for Trilby as a part of the design team. I am really looking forward to gaining new experiences from my stay with Trilby as I have never worked in a team before. I am excited to contribute to the company with all I can offer, get used to people around me and of course to communicate in English which is not my mother tongue.

Hello, I’m Julia,

I’m from Lohr, a small town in south-West Germany and I’m taking part in a four week internship.
I work as an industrial clerk apprentice at Bosch Rexroth which lasts three years and I’m currently in my second year. After I have completed the apprenticeship I want to Study economics at university.

During my time in Birmingham I’m staying with a nice family and working at Trilby for three weeks. Through this I want to improve my English language skills and get to know more about another culture. I’m really happy to have the opportunity to gain experience in another company abroad.

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