About Us

Working with education for over 30 years

Early Days

Since the beginning of the web Trilby has always been at the forefront of media and software development. We worked with the very first National Grid for Learning (NGfL) creating online tools that pushed the limits of what technology could do. Getting students to create media-rich content and work collaboratively on a scale not seen in education before.

Developing Tools

With an understanding of the ways in which people of all ages acquire knowledge, we are ideally placed to build sophisticated learning resources. We have produced many successful products, from online learning systems catering for thousands of students, to education resources which are accessed globally.

Engaging Education

As passionate and experienced individuals with a vast knowledge of applying technology, our role as consultants and trainers expanded. Our training in education as Apple Education Trainers and Google for Education Certified Trainers has taken us all over the UK and beyond sharing our learning. We still provide professional development and capacity building workshops for staff with a selected group of partners.


After visiting so many education institutions to deliver creative training and seeing screens turned off, we realised that we had the solution. TrilbyTV links the amazing work being produced with the available screens, promoting sharing and showcasing in a simple and easy way. Putting the control of the signage content back into the students and teachers hands while providing a robust and affordable IT solution. Find out more

Why Trilby?

The name comes from company founder Tony Stanley who always wore a trilby hat. The hat is named after an opera singer from the George du Maurier book called 'Trilby'. The lead character is a not so good opera singer, but under the influence of Svengali becomes a diva. We like the conotations that the Trilby hat has with empowering people to do more than they previously were able. It's also a nice soft and friendly felt object!